Benefits You Gain From Physical Fitness

Regular activity has many proven health benefits, especially on the heart.  However, people pay no attention to it.  According to surveys, most people are not active enough.  Regrettably, lack of physical activity takes approximately 250,000 lives every year in the US based on the American Health Association.  This is almost 12% of total deaths in US.

Most people are inactive because of their jobs.  They are too busy and spend their whole day sitting.  Their opportunity to become active at work is less.  In addition, people are inactive due to reliance on modern and high technology devices such as cars, appliances and power tools.  Thus, there is no effort being exerted.  In addition to these, some people especially the obese avoid doing physical activity because they are discouraged from what they have seen on television and magazines.  This is because models portray exercise as a strenuous activity for young fit, sexy and athletic.

Intense exercise can strengthen the muscles of the heart, making it larger and more efficient in pumping, while moderate activity can increase the good cholesterol, support circulatory system and lower down blood pressure and fats.  This means that physical activities can reduce your risk to heart disease, heart attack and stroke.  Examples of high intensity exercises are 5-mile jogging, 12-mile cycling, basketball and 4-mile cross-country skiing.  These activities can help burn more than 500 calories an hour.  On the other hand, medium intensity activities burn between 300-460 calories per hour.  You can do medium intensity activities such as 3.5-mile walking, 8-mile cycling, tennis and raking or hoeing.  However, did you know that even low-intensity activities like gardening also have some health benefits?  Yes, they do.  Low-intensity activities such as 1-mile strolling, 5-mile cycling and gardening can help burn as low as 150 calories and as high as 240 calories an hour.

Moreover, if you are burning calories more than you are consuming, you will surely lose some weight.  You will lose an extra one-pound if you burn 3,500 calories.  Thus, if you do some intense exercise, you will lose weight more quickly.  You will still get the same results if you do some moderate or light activities, however you have to do it longer and more often.

Furthermore, exercise can also strengthen and build the muscles, and improve its flexibility.  Thus, you look more fit and slim.  In addition, since you are building up more muscle, you are also burning more fats as your metabolic rate is increased.  Exercise can also make your bones a lot stronger, thus, your risk for osteoporosis is lowered.  If you are stressed and depressed, do some regular activity as it relieves stress and anxiety.  Hence, you can have a relaxing and comfortable sleep and you will feel energized and healthy.Remember that your body breaks down the muscle if you reduce your calorie consumption without regular activity.  This will slow down your metabolic rate, and thus it is harder to lose weight.  To prevent this from happening, always integrate exercise routine on your diet plan.  If only exercise can be sold and ingested, everyone will surely purchase it. 

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