How To Do Resistance Training Without The Help Of Weights

Resistance training is any form of exercise that causes your muscles to move away from a resistance. There are many advantages to this kind of training, these include; weight loss due to burning calories, reducing the risk of developing injuries while training, increasing the strength and endurance of muscles, preventing insomnia, increasing stamina and also improving bone density. It should be done in combination with other forms of exercise in order to achieve the desired results faster. For example, you should continue doing aerobics and cardio exercises. This form of training should not be done more than twice a week and should target the various muscles and not just one muscle.

Resistance training need not be done for long sessions, and one should strive for quality during the short sessions. It can be done using weights or your body weight. Whether one is working out in a gymnasium or in the comfort of their homes, they should allow their muscles a day of rest between training. This is to allow the muscles to repair themselves. You should also warm up before training to prepare your body for the sessions and also stretch after your session to relax your body.

The most convenient thing about resistance training without using weights is that, you can do it anywhere. For example you could just use an exercise mat which you can place anywhere, in the office or at home. Another example is the use of a resistance band. These are portable and can fit in a hand luggage while traveling. You can also use the resistance band anywhere, for example at home or in the park. These bands also come in different degrees of resistance and also in different sizes. This means that, when you need to increase the resistance for your training, you can just buy another band with more resistance.

Resistance training without weights offers a wide variety of exercises that you can perform. Examples include; squats, crunches, dips, push-ups, forward and backward lunges or even bridges. The advantage of these exercises is that, they can also be done at home so long as one has the proper techniques of doing them. You can get a trained professional to teach you the basics and then continue on your own, adding variations to keep them interesting. You also need a proper diet so as to reap maximum benefits from your training.

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