A Golf Fitness Program Will Improve Your Game

When searching for the right golf fitness program for you, you first must look at all the aspects of a good, quality fitness program. A proper golf fitness program should contain golf specific exercises that will affect your golf game in the right way. The areas you should look at are power, flexibility, balance and also a good cardio conditioning program.

A powerful swing is what every golfer, young or old, is looking for. The formula for a powerful golf swing is as follows; force multiplied by distance, divided by time equals increased club head speed. And as you probably guessed increased club head speed generates longer drives. Now I do not want you to concern yourself with that wacky physics equation, because once you have applied all the steps to strengthen your body properly, the longer drives, and lower handicap will come natural.

When you think of golf specific exercises I don’t want you to imagine something completely new to the fitness world. Golf specific exercises are just your average traditional exercises performed at the correct time to insure they are helping your overall golf course fitness.

Different times of the year require you, the golfer, to perform different exercises. During the off season, the golfer should focus on strengthening their muscles, and also improving their flexibility. The idea is to get stronger in the off season with your fitness program, and then maintaining that strength throughout the season. A quality golf fitness program should focus on strengthening all parts of the body, because the whole body works together in the golf swing.

If you are new to the strength training side of golf, or just strength training in general, I would suggest starting out with machine exercises instead of free weights. Machine exercises can be performed correctly faster, and they provide you with less risk of injury. After you feel comfortable with the machine exercises, move on to free weights. A combination of machine exercises, and free weights will you give you a well rounded routine, that will show you improvement in your golf game, and your golf course fitness.

Now as you have become a stronger and more flexible golfer you will be able to generate more power with less effort in your golf swing. And that is one secret to a more consistent golf game. As you are able to produce more power without forcing the power, you are able to repeat your golf swing every shot, which in turn will give you longer, and straighter shots. This same rule applies to a baseball pitcher, who must repeat his delivery every pitch to be successful. So take a few minutes out of your day today, and start some simple golf stretching exercises, then move on to increasing your strength, distance, and your overall golf course fitness. 


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