20 30 40 Women Of Different Ages Have Stress Fitness

20-year-old healthy, youthful invincibility, 30-year-old body casts, increased fat, 40-year-old get old and useless, the disease struck. Every woman goes through the process from youth to old age, a Beijing Fitness Wang Xinfeng, senior personal trainer, said the club wanted to slim, stay young, exercise is the best option, but the focus of training of different ages differently.

20-year-old body does not like healthy love

Typical idea: do not eat, eat Lose weight Drugs, high-intensity exercise … … as long as the body make what can be changed for the better. But running is too boring, and strength training is more boring, every time the face of a pile of Iron.

20 years old is passionate age, physical features are at its peak, heart rate, lung capacity, bone sensitivity, stability, and they all stretch the best point. Therefore, sooner than later in the body Sculpture More perfect.

Young girls on the body although very seriously, but rarely participate in regular exercise, over time the body becomes less fat and more muscle. A variety of fitness fashion way, you can bring passion and excitement to young people, so that “grass is always greener,” the young man this way, strong interest in fitness and establish the concept of upholding campaign.

Coach, said the king, in this age of women friends can exercise 4 to 6 times a week, best to stick more than one hour each time. Training focused mainly on the chest, lower back, thighs and buttocks, in order to shape the body lines. The training methods you can choose according to their hobbies, such as jump pedal drill, practice Taekwondo , Learning Latin dances such as dynamic fashion.

30-year-old not to fat to muscle

Typical idea: giving birth to a crisis body, waist, abdomen increased the fat young man wearing longer skirts are not on; finished their day’s busy with work home, although they do not have time to exercise.

30-year-old female although most still maintain a good physical quality, but the shape is changed, excessive accumulation of subcutaneous fat. This stage should not be forced female body as slim as the young also, but to maintain a healthy basis, exercise the muscles and flexibility.

This is because with age, women will be a part of the loss of muscle, but get the same weight and even more fat, but muscle can burn more calories than fat. Therefore, the 30-year-old woman who wants to build muscle, speed up metabolism, prevent the growth and accumulation of fat.

Not have time to go to sports clubs with a female friend in after work or after dinner with the family for some low-intensity aerobic exercise, such as Swim , Brisk walking, stair climbing, etc., 30 to 40 minutes each time to maintain and develop fitness habits. If time permits, the best health club three times a week to take part in the training equipment, such as the move Dumbbell So as to increase metabolic rate, burn excess calories and increase muscle strength. And yoga, Pilates and other exercise flexibility and flexibility is also a good choice.

40-year-old is not “mandatory” beautiful strong bones

Typical idea: people old and useless, and only through surgery to cover up aging skin and body; upset, gas and calm, on the Life A pessimistic mood.

40-year-old woman can only use cosmetics to “forced” himself to continue the beautiful, but they began to detect health crises. Women at this stage to know the body can not function is to improve the beauty, health is the real America. Only through sport can make the body become healthy and youthful glow, so that heart was joy.

Wang coach pointed out that women in menopause after 5 to 7 years, the bone loss of up to 20%, so it is susceptible to Osteoporosis Disease. Regular exercise in women than in women do not exercise better bone density. 40-year-old woman is the real beginning of loose bones, muscles begin to lose elasticity and vitality of the period. 30 minutes of daily dance, shuttlecock, aerobics, yoga and other less demanding on the speed and intensity of exercise can increase physical coordination, exercise joints flexibility, tone Machine Body of physical and mental fatigue, to avoid the occurrence of osteoporosis.

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