Fitness Running For Weight Loss – Get the Most Out of It

If fitness running for weight loss is a subject that interests you, today I’m going to go over some tips on how to maximize your results. In fact, if you do it right, you can actually run less and still burn more fat.

Even more than that, I’ll show you one workout that only requires 30 minutes out of your entire week. And only half of those 30 minutes will be spent running!

Yet it melts away fat quicker than you ever thought possible.

Simple Fitness Running For Weight Loss Tips

Run and Walk in Intervals

If you are used to jogging at one constant speed, you are not working out as efficiently as you could. A lot more calories could have been spent in the same amount of time. This is because you are not creating a big enough oxygen deficit. An oxygen deficit is essential in helping your body oxidize fat deposits in your body.

In order to create a big enough oxygen deficit to maximize fat burning, you should trying running as hard as you can for ten to fifteen seconds. Then follow this up with a slow jog for up to a minute.

Repeat this pattern for a total of at least ten minutes. For better results, shoot for at least twenty minutes. This is a tough workout, so you only need to do it three or four times a week to see some truly amazing results.

The Melt Fat Quickly Workout

If you want to really get serious, run up some stairs and walk back down. If stairs are in your home or building, you’re all set. Just run as hard as you can up a few flights of stairs, and then walk back down. Repeat this process for a total of five minutes, 6 days per week.

That’s a total of 30 minutes spent working out for the entire week, and you weren’t even working out the entire time!

If you commit to this, you should start seeing some noticeable results within 10 days.

And that’s how a serious person does fitness running for weight loss.

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