Fitness Strength Training – Fitness Training Tips Guaranteed to Produce Results

Fitness strength training benefits individuals looking to become physically stronger while losing weight.

For fitness strength training, there’s a large variety of equipment you can use. Some of this equipment includes dumbbells, resistance bands, chin-up bars, full body weight systems (usually designed to target all muscle groups), and a weight bench.

Strength training is done when you add resistance to your workout in order to build muscle. In order to add resistance, you should start with no weight and then add five pounds of resistance at a time until you know how much weight you’re able to lift. You want your body to be outside of its comfort zone, but not to the point where you pose injury to your muscles.

When it comes to working out, many are driven by results. With fitness strength training, since you’re gradually increasing the weight as you workout, so know you’re getting results. Your overall body image will also improve as you start to take shape, which can lead to higher self esteem.

When you start your workout, you’ll want to do twelve sets of four for each target muscle group for thirty minutes three days out of the week. You do not want to work the same muscle two days in a row, so it’s beneficial to break your workout into working specific areas on different days of the week. For instance, you could do upper body (arms, chest, back, and abs) on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and then do your lower body on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. This way you’re giving your muscles time to repair and reducing the risk of injury.

You will eat high quality protein within a half hour after your workout because proteins increase the speed of which your muscles are able to recover. The sooner you’re able to eat protein the better. A few high quality proteins are chicken breast, turkey breast, and egg whites.

As with any fitness routine, talk to a doctor before starting a fitness strength training program so you know what workouts are best for you.

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