Women’s Self Defense Training – Be Engaged

Be Engaged (Committed, as to a cause.) When a situation presents itself, it is time to engage. I will talk about the first and best way to engage through assertive behavior.  Assertive behavior gives the assailant or would be attacker, the knowledge that you aren’t an easy target by using eye contact, a stalwart (firm and resolute) voice, proper posture, and hand placement.
Engaging your eye’s

· When you feel something isn’t right or see a suspicious person, let them know you know they are there and you are watching them intently without fear: even if you are afraid, don’t show it.  Let them know you don’t want to be bothered or desire to speak with them. You don’t want them to think you are a threat or challenging. That all sounds great, but how do you accomplish so much with just your eyes?

· Look at them with soft eyes, in other words as a whole. Never focus hard on any particular part of them, or look your assailant directly in the eyes. That can be seen as both threatening and challenging.

· The chest area is the most important place to keep your soft eyes. Why? It allows you to view their core body (chest, hips, arms and hands); by watching these parts you will be aware of any advances or imminent attacks.

· If the situation has already gone past the point of soft eyes; you will know because they will be sizing you up, threatening you, and even challenging you or in other words “Conducting the interview.”  (Conducting the interview is what each assailant does to size up a person; during this process they decide whether they should attack or not.) At this point your eyes go from a soft gaze to direct eye contact.

Engaging your stalwart voice

· You should never insult, threaten, aggravate, or challenge an aggressor.

· Ask them a question like: What do you want? A person whom isn’t looking to victimize you will give you a normal answer. If they don’t respond or give you an answer not to your liking, be prepared for an attack.

· Use a firm fearless voice to yell stop! Back off!

Engaging with proper posture and Hand Placement

· Keep your hands up at shoulder height; this gives you the appearance of submitting while having your hands in the perfect defensive posture to block or strike.

· Move your feet to a staggered position for better balance and to set yourself up to defend or strike.

· Never appear weak by slumping over. Instead, stand with good posture and keep your backstraight which gives you strength and power should you have to move.

In summary

This is by no means a thorough description of engaging, but a jumping off point to peak your interest and motivate you to train and learn self defense. Proper training and knowledge could be the difference between life and death. Not only will you gain peace of mind and self confidence you will find yourself having a completely new outlook on life. Remember the best time to learn your lesson about personal security and self defense is before something happens.

Adam Sisterhen is the president of Your Personal Security Store and author of personal security and self defense articles. He is a proud advocate and a firm believer in personal security and self defense products that help protect you, your family and your loved ones.

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