Bodyweight Training – Pushups 101

Bodyweight Training – Pushups 101

What’s your goal for pushups?  Is it to build more strength? Is it to build a leaner body?  What’s the reason behind your pushups?

Pushups, unless you are doing them for competition purpose’s; it really doesn’t matter if they are done slow or the chest hits the ground or you do a full lockout, unless your goal is to do slow, chest to the ground and full lock out pushups.

If you are looking for a leaner, stronger body and getting better at pushups the key is to keep tension on the muscle as long as possible, this will strengthen the muscle quicker and more efficient for quicker results

If you can bang out 100 speed pushups do you think you could do more or less slower ones?  Well, if you limit is 100 does it really matter if they are slow locked out pushups or does becoming stronger and more fit more important? I don’t like locking out. The reason is the more stress placed on the elbow joint over time will cause injuries and it also takes the stress off the working muscles.

The actual rules for the standard pushup for competition or for records are arms must be at a 90 degree angle (parallel) and just short of lockout. But unless you are training to break records almost any variation of pushup will get you stronger whether you do them fast, or slow. You do them any way you want it all depends on what you want. I prefer fast and explosive for building athletic type reflexes.

I prefer to do specific pushups for my specific goals and do others just to change up and get my muscles to respond to stress at a different angle.

One way to improve your pushup total is to do pushups every day, not every other day, not once a week, every single day. Some even train their body like the local bodybuilder that works one body part a week. How are you supposed to get bigger, stronger or any better doing anything once a week.

Think for a minute, would you get better at anything doing it once a week? If you want pushup results you train doing pushup and you let your mind and body tell you when enough is enough.

It comes to physical and mental toughness when training and getting better at anything, if the most pushups you can do is only 50 and you have been stuck on the same number for a month and you can’t push one more, you are weak mentally plain and simple.

What if you got to your 50 and decided to push a little harder and squeeze in 5 half pushups what do you think that little extra work would do for you? You will then know you can do a little more the next time and the next time. Try some half pushups at the end of your workout and pass your highest pushup total once and for all.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube B.C.S. F.F.S is an expert on the subject of functional bodyweight training and real functional fitness. He has over 30 years of training experience and is the holder of 4 bodyweight fitness world record and is the author of “The Wildman Training Program manual and Course” and the new” How to build explosive pushup power manual and other manuals For more info go to:


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