Squat Tips For Beginners

Squat racks are very useful for performing the most fundamental and preferred form of exercise; the squat. It helps to build a good amount of muscle and strength throughout your body. It also helps in the development of your calves, abdominals, hamstrings, feet, shoulders and back.

It is quite simple to perform various lower body exercises using a squat rack but you must consider many things while performing various movements. During eccentric muscle movement, you should place your feet flat on the ground and evenly distribute your weight between the heel and ball of your foot.

If your ankles are not flexible, to carry out a wide range of motion, you can place a flat board under the heel to mechanically enhance your flexibility. You can use a block shaped board to make your foot remain in contact with one surface and also to improve your stability. By using artificial aids, you can gradually improve your flexibility. Once you achieve a good flexibility level, you should discourage the use of these aids.

During weightlifting exercises, special shoes are worn. These shoes have a heel that is raised using a closed wooden block. If you perform squats without using any artificial aids, you should try to apply pressure from the heels of the foot rather than from the toes, especially during contraction of concentric muscles, so that a good balance is maintained.

It is advisable to perform heavy barbell squats in a power cage or under the guidance of an expert in order to avoid yourself from getting caught under the bars. The experts help you to safely rest the barbell to the squat rack, if you are not able to do so, on your own.

Make sure that you start with a body weight if you have no experience or a coach to guide you. Ensure utmost care if you have any lower body injuries or else it might hurt you while loading or positioning for the exercise. If you try to perform squats without a professional coach or supervisor, there are chances that you might injure your knee or ankle joint while exerting pressure. Squat racks are fantastic equipment for lower body movement and that is the reason why they are called the king of lower body exercise.

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