Six Weaknesses Women Should Watch Out For When Training Their Vertical Jump

1. Lack of speed.

If you wish to increase your vertical jump, you need to have explosive power. The ability to exert explosive power entails a necessity to create the movement efficiently. Rather than focusing all energy on increasing weight to get stronger, put a higher focus on quickness-training exercises. These might include plyometrics, jump rope, and footwork training exercises.

2. Not enough weight training

Contrary to popular belief, women actually need an equal amount of volume and frequency in training as men do even with their lower strength capacity; the training should simply be in proportion to their strength.

3. Fear of becoming masculine during weight training

Because women don’t produce the same amount of testosterone that men do, this simply isn’t going to happen. Increasing strength will result in a toned look, not a masculine one. This mental block will inhibit your capacity to becoming your strongest self if you let it. Lifting weights will be a great asset to you as you seek to add inches to your vertical.

4. Lack of flexibility

A weight training program will actually help to increase the flexibility of your muscles; not stiffen them. Flexibility will ultimately also improve your form, which will automatically add inches to your vertical.

5. An unnecessary amount of fat

You can’t turn fat into muscle, but you can rid your body of excess fat while increasing muscle strength through weight training. However, it is normal and natural for women to have greater amounts of body fat than men.

6. A poor diet

Getting enough protein in your system is vital to keeping the gains you make in your muscle at the weight room. Without protein, you won’t be able to notice a sustainable difference as you work to increase power to fuel your vertical jump.

These six ideas should get your juices flowing for ways to attack weaknesses and make them strengths. Ultimately, overcoming these misconceptions should increase your overall athleticism and help you reach your vertical jump goals.

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