UGG clothing products began to hit from

In addition to men, women and children’s shoes, UGG ® began hitting the quarter from the bag and clothing products. Even mentioning that the number of fashion footwear chain model is breaking the traditional image of society, with UGG ® packages and clothes, perfect interpretation advocated by brand fashions and elegant comfortable attitude toward life. Activities in the field of view scene and the stage decorated with wool, and showcase luxury brands, but will uphold the comfort of the brand to deliver every detail. Integration of new autumn and winter Bottes Femme of 2010, color, new elements, UGG ® Australia will lead to more colorful fashion choices. Dhaka Women Series (Collection Duck) waterproof leather boots and leather strap sandals with Vibram ® and event ® patents extend the functionality of footwear to a variety of climatic conditions, including a series of winter UGG ® adds additional warmth, dry element, while the attention to fashion sense Pas Cher Moncler, more focused on the wearer’s comfort and functionality of footwear. Women Mugen Series (TheClog Collection) UGG ® lead from knee-high wooden clogs to the end a new wave classic boots, a strong set of retro flavor selected from rich leather and soft suede with a subtle, classical and popular to make the perfect combination of a fashion season autumn and winter of the required elements. Nissen Men series (Gunnison Collection) This series is joined with the modern trends of the elements, but also the quality of the classical heritage of the brand, which is the biggest heel exterior features rough, not only has excellent wear resistance, but also stressed that the wearer comfort and light, as closely as possible to meet the avant-garde and men with masculinity TN Requin is the perfect combination of simplicity and chic. women’s handbags, luxury handbags Heaps of a series of unique style of fabric worthy of attention, the latest washed leather with zippers functional and fashionable, an excellent decorative and parents together with the treatment of metallic gold, multi-style hem better highlight the feminine. Series including shoulder bag and travel bag, where a large backpack with a short strap and removable shoulder strap special, design wise, it feels smooth and beautiful appearance, heritage and spirit of the brand extension, the perfect event that UGG ® unique design concept. Women’s handbags penggunting launched the series with two-sided series of bags, with the edge of the fold pretty and decorated with tassels genuine sheepskin UGG ® Australia, and the edges of skin using flash decor, clothing and footwear, UGG ® Winter Series echo each other Polo Homme, walking in autumn and winter you’ll be in street fashion is the most shining star. Jackets (Outwear Collection) of the series wool, leather series to 100% goose down this season, UGG ® Series is superior than the clothes. Leather series of micro-washable and folds of wool, knitted soft lined selected classical radiating nostalgia. Introduced in addition to falling more suitable to wear cashmere, wool knitting, and more kids clothing products, while maintaining the characteristics of the brand is always a more comprehensive brand of rich, to provide consumers with more variety in choices.

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