Kettlebells and the Ladies – 2 Exercises For Women to Gain Greek Goddess Fitness!

Ladies if you are tired of hitting workout plateaus or you just aren’t getting the results from your workouts that you hoped for then you need to take a minute to read and apply the following 2 kettlebell drills to your workout program. I am addressing this article to my more experienced female fitness enthusiast. The reason is that to be a kettlebell Greek Goddess you must be willing to be a little patient in learning new technique. Remember that kettlebell training is a combination of both strength and skill.

1. Clean and Walkout Push-Up Combo: For this drill you will only need the availability of a single kettlebell. Place the bell right between your feet. Squat down and properly perform a clean lift bringing the bell up to your chest. Immediately lower the bell back to the ground and stay crouched to walk out on your hands until your body is extended into an upright push-up position. Once you are fully extended then simply execute a push-up and walk back on your hands to the beginning crouched position. Once here simply clean the bell with the same arm and start the process over again. Attempt to perform 10 of these on each side for starters.

2. Clean, Press, and Walk: Ladies this is a popular move among women’s fitness enthusiast. For this drill you will only need the availability of a single bell and a flat open space to walk. Mark off a distance in the walking space of about 25 yards. Clean the bell to your chest and press it above your head. Make sure your elbow is locked into place and that your shoulder is firmly sucked into the socket. Now walk the 25 yard distance with the kettlebell above your head. Once you reach the other side simply lower the kettlebell and clean and press it with the other arm. Walk back with the opposite arm. This is a great drill for building core stability, strength, and speeding up your weight-loss progress! Train hard and enjoy ladies.

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