Weight Training For Women Doesn’t Have to Be Strenuous

When it comes to weight training for women, it is for muscle toning, rather than bulk training or strength training. Unless you are a bodybuilder, then strength and bulk muscle training is typically not what you want as part of your exercise routine.

Because weight training for women is typically used as part of a weight reduction plan or a toning portion of their flabby muscles after a diet, most women are not using it for strength and bulk. The majority of women are looking for firmer muscles and less flabbiness. Because of this, it is usually part of their exercise routine that can include other things like aerobics, walking, jogging and firming exercise routines.

Weight training for women varies from that of men for men in that not as many sets are included, and neither is a split regimen utilized. Instead, women should include fewer sets and vary exercises to work a variety of muscle groups. In addition, because weight training for women is typically not for strength, lighter weights should be used. These factors differ when it comes to weight training for women versus men.

The thing to consider is that muscle can actually weigh more, but it burns more calories in a resting state, than fat, un-toned muscle does. This is part of the reason that weight training for women is often avoided when they are trying to lose weight. Because toned muscle is actually denser than un-toned muscle, many women shy away from weight training. This is only an initial side effect because toned muscle increases metabolism and burns more calories on a constant basis.

Many women don’t always need a weight set or weight lifting bench as bulking up is usually not the goal. Some women opt for ankle weights when walking or wrist weights when doing their normal exercise routines. Others use items you can find around the house as part of their routine. You can use two liter plastic soda bottles with varying levels of water for arm lifts, for example. Women should also use various exercises and weights for muscle toning.

Most women want a full body workout for strength training. It seems that women are more focused on the core abdominal muscle group than men are and they are more concerned with flabby upper arms and thighs, as well. These require some of the same exercises men use, but in lesser weights and fewer repetitions of the same exercises.

The other thing to keep in mind is that weight training exercises should be changed every three to four weeks so that the muscles don’t become accustomed to the same exercises and plateau in toning. By changing up your routine, it won’t become a matter of adding more weight to get the same results.

Weight training for women can be part of a weight loss routine, and you don’t have to worry about bulking up like men, if you pay attention to the most important factors of fewer repetitions, lesser weights, and changing routines to work different muscle groups.

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