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Oximeter is widely used today to measure oxygen saturation. Usually, a probe is place in the patient’s earlobe, toe and finger. The cord is then attached to a monitor to display the results. Oximeter can be seen in hospitals, homes and even in gyms. Because of this, various manufacturers have developed different kinds of oximeter that has unique features to offer. This article is for those people who cannot choose on what to buy and use.


Octive Tech models incorporate audible and visible alarm system to alert the users to any changes in oxygen saturation and pulse rate. It can even alert the users when the probe is dislodged out of its place. LCD with blue backlight can provide clear readings on the pulse rate, SpO2, SpO2 waveform, bargraph, and date and time.  Waveform and data replay make it easier for the users as they will not need to carry a bundle of cables and printers just to get a print out.


It is rugged, lightweight and ergonomic design along with long operation hours and anti shock properties that make it an ideal use for all environments. The Octive Tech 300AH pulse oximeter is reliable and quick in oxygen saturation monitoring whenever continual monitoring or spot checking is necessary.


The oximeter has audible and visible alarm when there are findings of abnormal rate of pulse and SpO2 level, battery loss and Dropped Probe. By helping in the decrease of the response time, the survivability is increased. This oximeter has the very popular probes and BCI compatible DB9 cables. It offers low cost of purchasing cost, low cost of ownership and low cost of operation.


Another oximeter that can be useful is from the Concord models. This model provides accurate pulse rate and oxygen saturation measurements. The meter also has a large display that can display results of pulse rate and intensity, SpO2 levels, and battery information. With only one push of the button, the meter will turn on. If it is left unused for 8 seconds, it will automatically turn off to save battery. The meter is usually powered by triple A battery that can provide at least 30 hours of operations.


However, this Concord models also have some disadvantages. Critics express their dismay on the lights that are present in the monitor. People may have a hard time reading the meter, especially on outdoors.


Whatever the disadvantages a model can have, the design, accuracy and a reasonable price is the most important things to consider before buying your own oximeter.

Styla Brite is a published author and product reviewer. Continue reading more about Oximeter.

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