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Either indoors or outdoors, exercise time is to ensure that the important indices, an hour into a half hours of exercise amount and not feel tired, also very effective. Outdoor: Indoor Jogging + Skipping + Ball: Treadmill + Strength training + Aerobics

Spinning is Fitness Equipment room in one of the greatest amount of exercise, do 45 minutes of dynamic cycling up to 400 calories 500 kcal, in the training process, 80% of body muscles and joints will also participate in sports.

Afraid to run to run as “radish legs” grow afraid to play “biceps.” Body weight, and Family, especially women always faced with this fear, to lose several kilograms of meat easily, but sturdy so pay the price, I want to get back slim build, can be difficult.

A position to repeat exercise, weight loss may be good, but you can not block muscle growth. Suzhou Institute of Sports Science Training Room Xia Hua that body weight, and not be so anxious, can not hold a campaign to hold onto. In the common movement, the effect of running is good, but many women to lose weight is the one running from 1 to 2 hours, the speed control was not good, it ran up a month, then there will be changes in body weight, but some leg The muscle began to multiply, not only shaping, but become thick of. Running is the case, for the same is true of other activities.

Xia Hua pointed out, body sculpting movement and eating the same as to “nutritionally balanced,” a reasonable amount of exercise and transform sport way of distribution. If the gym, then the best procedure is to treadmill (or bicycle), local strength training, aerobics (or Swim ), Exercise time for each item 10 to 20 minutes is better.

If you exercise in the outdoors, a good idea to jogging 10 to 15 minutes, and then some waist exercise, individual sports (such as ball games, rope skipping, Fitness Equipment Etc.), then some ball, or fitness equipment exercise, the best way to ensure diversity of exercise, as more parts of the body to participate in sports.

Either indoors or outdoors, exercise time is to ensure that the important indices, an hour and a half hours of exercise to the total amount will not feel tired, the effect is also very good. While in motion, movement to control their pulse, 20 / 10 seconds is sufficient to allow fat burning aerobic condition, so that they can not only lose weight but also allows a more perfect body shape.

Addition to maintaining a balanced exercise, nutrition intake is also essential. Many people think that weight loss should not eat the staple food of the idea is completely wrong. To ensure the supply of staple carbohydrates, and carbohydrates, it is precisely to promote fat Oxidation Decomposition of the most important elements. If you want to build a more perfect

some, can occasionally give special treatment for their open, aerobics, Latin dance and yoga, these are a good sport to shaping.

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