Women Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Weight Training and Supplements

What is the best way to burn calories? Does your body burn more calories running on a treadmill for forty minutes or weight training for thirty? The answer may surprise many people. Studies have found that people will burn more calories weight lifting for thirty minutes than running on a treadmill for forty. This is due to the fact that when people weight train the body is breaking down and then rebuilding muscle. Through the proper weight training workout program people will build strong lean muscles. The body burns large amounts of calories when it constructs lean muscles, more than when it is actively working during a cardiovascular exclusive workout.

Now this information is good to know for anyone who is looking to burn more calories and lose more weight; however, many women read about these studies and think, “That is fine and all, but I don’t want to turn into a bulky super weight lifting woman. All I want to do is get a sleek, trim, sexy body.” Many women have this idea that if they will pick up a weight and use it during their workout that they will turn into one of the body builders that they see on television. That simply isn’t the case.

Women who weight train get a huge advantage in the fight against fat compared to those who only do cardiovascular workouts. When women weight train they don’t turn into buff muscle bound hulks, due to the fact that they don’t have the same levels as men of hormones needed to build up that level of muscle mass. The female weight lifters have to use large amounts of male hormones in order to get their bodies that bulky.

Women who find good weight lifting workouts not only burn more calories, but build sexy lean muscles. This allows women to get the long sexy look that so many of the celebrities and athletes have right now. The toned sexy look is far healthier than the starved look, not to mention that studies show men prefer when woman have the athletic toned look over the stick thin look. A women adding weight training to her workout will be healthier, sexier, and have more variety of training techniques at the gym, compared to someone who only uses cardiovascular workouts.

Just as many women fear weight lifting, many women also fear using a supplement to help them in their diet. While many will use the latest craze of super fruit vitamins, many women fear upping the amount of protein that they have in their diet. Protein is the building block that your body uses to build lean muscle. Whey protein isolate supplements are an excellent way to easily increase the amount of protein in person’s daily diet. Whey protein isolate contains 90% per protein, and doesn’t include the fats and carbohydrates that other supplements include. It is easy to use, and since it is dairy based it is easy for your body to digest.

This change in workout and diet should also include a change in the way women measure the success of their workout plan. One drawback of weight training and whey protein is that result won’t instantly show up when looking at a scale. Muscle weighs more than fat, so when women who have never weight trained begin their weight will go up. Yet, the weight gain is only very short term, and women will lose much more in the long run if they stick to a constant weight training workout. While women won’t see immediate results on the scale, they will see it in the mirror. Your body will trim down, and women will find that they will fit into their clothing much better than ever before. Don’t be tied to the number on the scale, but make a commitment to change your overall makeup through a change in training and diet.

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