Losing Weight And Gaining Muscle For Women – Women Need Strength Training To Lose Weight And Gain Muscles

Losing Weight And Gaining Muscle For Women

For women who want to rebuild their body and image, it all comes down to diet and exercise. Therefore to lose weight and gain muscles go hand in hand. One of the most misunderstood aspects of exercising is strength training. Many women think that strength conditioning is something that only men should do. They fear building up bulky muscles and so they stay away from any type of strength exercises. The truth is that women can’t build those bulky muscles like men through simple strength training. Additionally, strength building is a very important part of a complete workout. Losing Weight And Gaining Muscle For Women

What is Strength Training?

Part of the problem is that women misunderstand what strength training is. Firstly it is not bodybuilding, this is not about how to build muscles or weight lifting. When a woman does strength exercise the goal is usually to lose weight and build lean muscle. This means using lighter weights and focusing on moves that will tone and tighten muscles, not build them up and make them bulky. It does not involve lifting hundreds of pounds of weight, but rather using smaller amount of weight to challenge the muscles and help them to become tighter.

Why Are Strength Workouts Important?

Strength conditioning is important because it helps build and tone muscles. Muscles take up less room than fat and they burn a lot of calories. So, when a woman works her muscles she is helping to create a leaner look and increasing her body’s calorie burn. In simple terms, toning muscle can help a woman to lose weight and gain muscles faster and get a leaner looking body much quicker than she would if she were doing only aerobic exercises. Losing Weight And Gaining Muscle For Women

Other Benefits of Strong Muscles

Helping you to get fit faster is not the only benefit of gaining muscle. Strong muscles will help to make it easier to do your aerobic exercises. Most aerobic exercises rely on your muscles to help you through the movements. For example, if you run, then you are using your leg muscles a lot. If your leg muscles are not in good shape then you won’t be able to run as far or for as long. Working your leg muscles will help to increase their strength which will in turn increase how far and long you can run.

When your muscles are strong your body is strong. Strong back muscles help with your posture, for example. If you work your back muscles regularly you can prevent problems as you age with back related issues. This goes for every other part of your body. Strong muscles help you to move easier and to be able to keep your body healthy and fit as you age.

Strength training should be a part of every workout a woman does. It is not about building huge muscles. It is very difficult for a woman to bulk up without specifically trying to do so. If you are concerned about building too much muscle then stick with strength moves that do not involve weights. Try using a balance ball, resistance bands or just your body weight to do strength training moves. You can also try yoga or Pilates which are great to loose fat and for building long and lean muscles.

Simple muscle gaining exercises can be added to your workout three times a week on non-consecutive days. This will give your workout a boost and help you to lose weight and gain muscles and get your body healthy and fit as it was designed to be. Losing Weight And Gaining Muscle For Women

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