Two Portable Oxygen Options

Two Portable Oxygen Options

When individuals find that they need to be on portable oxygen, it can be a very stressful eventuality, making the individuals feel that they cannot be mobile and active like they may have been previous to the diagnosis. Although being on oxygen does inhibit the person’s lifestyle to a certain measure, there are portable oxygen options available that allow individuals to travel and live active lives while maintaining their oxygen flow. The options in portable oxygen depend on the oxygen needs of the individual, such as whether they need a high or low flow of oxygen at all times and whether they must be on the oxygen throughout the day or only at certain times.

Liquid or Concentrated

There are advantages and disadvantages to using a liquid system as a portable oxygen option. One disadvantage is that a liquid system has evaporation issues, with the liquid oxygen evaporating over time naturally and requiring the tank to be refilled more quickly than the concentrated system in most cases. This means that the liquid system will have to be refilled about once per week and in some high flow cases, twice per week as opposed to the concentrated system which usually needs refilling about once per month. Another issue with liquid systems is that in most cases, a professional must come to fill up the portable oxygen system, which is an inconvenience to the individual who has to be at home when the professional comes. However, there are some systems, like Helios H300, which allow individuals to fill their own portable tank through a home reservoir system which only has to be filled about once per month.

An advantage to the liquid system as a portable oxygen option is that it is safer to use than the concentrated oxygen system. The concentrated oxygen is compressed, meaning that it is under high pressure so that if the tank is dropped and gets a flaw in it, the tank could explode. In addition, there is a high flow rate that can be obtained with a liquid oxygen system and it requires no electricity to run it, which makes the system very quiet to use and convenient to public places.

Concentrated oxygen systems are the other option in portable oxygen on the market today. One advantage to the system is that the tanks are very lightweight and different sizes can be bought to suit the individual. In addition, the contents do not evaporate which means there is more oxygen for the money.

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