Why Women Should Train With Weights

As a fitness personal trainer for over a decade, I have met hundreds of women clients who tell me that they do not want to lift weights for the fear of getting big bulky muscles. They just want to be in good shape and to get the body that they desire.

This instruction to me is very contradictory because if you do not train with weights, how then can you get a sexy well toned body? If women just want to lose weight without weight resistant exercises, they will just become smaller but without the sexy curves that training with weights can achieve.

So sometimes I have to sneakily introduce body weight resistance exercises to these female clients which have almost the same effect as lifting weights to tone their bodies. Those exercises are de facto lifting weights, just that they are not doing them with dumbbells and barbells, but their own natural body weight. Isn’t that amusing?

So this article will spell out some compelling facts about why women should train with weights.

Effective Fat Loss – Research done by Dr Wayne Westcott, PhD of South Shore YMCA in Quincy, Massachusetts pointed out that women who train with weights three times a week for 2 months will gain nearly two pounds of muscle but will lose 3.5 pounds of body fat. In other words, you will lose ugly and unhealthy body fat and at the same time gain some muscles to tone and shape your body to look sexier and be healthier.

Gain Strength Without Bulky Muscles – The main reason women do not train with weights is because they fear gaining bulky muscles. This is perhaps the greatest myth about women training with weights.

Researchers unanimously agree that unlike men, women don’t gain much size from weight training because women have 10 – 30 times less testosterone than men. You need testosterone hormone to build muscle size and women simply do not have enough of them.

Stop comparing yourself to the female bodybuilders because they are under very special centralized training and nutrition feeding to get muscular. If men already have so much difficulty in gaining big muscles, what more for women?

Prevent Osteoporosis And Arthritis – It is a fact that women are more prone to getting bone and joint diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis. Many researches have compellingly confirmed that weight training can increase bone density and strengthen your joints thus is very helpful in preventing osteoporosis and arthritis.

Keep Diabetes At Bay – Researchers have also found that weight training may improve the way the body processes sugar, which probably will reduce the risk of having crippling diabetes. They found out that weight training can increase glucose utilization in the body by up to about 25% in a matter of just four months.

Prevention Of Heart Diseases – According to Dr. Barry Franklin of William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan, weight training can improve cardiovascular health in many ways, such as the lowering “bad” cholesterol and increasing your level of “good” cholesterol and also lowering your blood pressure. As a personal trainer, I have personally seen these beneficial effects in many of my clients.

So girls, if you want to be healthy, staving away some crippling diseases and getting into a great body shape, then stop giving excuses about weight lifting and start doing them now!

Chris Chew is a sought after fitness consultant who counts models, actors and other celebrities as his clients. Visit his websites at Personal Trainers In Singapore and Singapore personal trainers

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