How Can Women Benefit From Weight Training?

When it comes to weight training, it is not uncommon that many women are easily put off from the idea of doing it. One of the main reasons is the fear of putting on muscle bulk which is not very likely due to the lack of testosterone hormone in the female body. Weight training do not build bulky muscles in women but it certainly has many benefits in terms of health and fitness for women. The following are the 5 main benefits of weight training for women.

Prevent Osteporosis
Osteoporosis is the loss of bone mass due to the loss of calcium. This will weaken the bone and cause the bone to break easily. Unfortunately, women often suffer more from this than men due to loss of estrogen after menopause. By starting strength training early, it can prevent and delay the effects of osteoporosis.

Prevent Sarcopenia
Sarcopenia refers to the loss of muscle size and mass that leads to the declining strength with increasing age. With loss of strength, it can lead to potential fall injuries and loss of function. As women started off with less muscle fibers than men, they are dramatically affected by sarcopenia as they aged. Strength training can help greatly reduced effects of sarcopenia and improve function. Therefore, it is important for women to engage in such training early in life.

Increase Metabolism
In terms of weight management, it’s advantageous to have high metabolism as it would mean that the body is very capable of burning high amount of calories. This is crucial because you would have to exercise more to burn the same amount of calories compared to someone who has a higher metabolism than you. With proper weight training, it can kick up your metabolism.

Improve Toning
Weight training not only gives your metabolism a big boost, it also tones the body. Because of the higher metabolism, higher amount of fat calories are expended at rest that results in the melting of the body fat. When the excess fat is removed from the body, it allows you to show the tones in the body.

Improve Functional Strength
Most importantly, our quality of life is much affected by out functional strength. Without functional strength, we will find it hard to carry our groceries, move your furniture in your home, squat and lean over to pick up your baby and walk up the stairs. Strength training basically improves your abilities to carry out our daily chores. And especially for women who can lose their muscular strength quite easily, it is even more important to do weight training.

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