5 Effective Fitness Exercises For Your Abdominal Muscles

Strengthen your abdominal muscles effectively, it does not need much equipment. Only one mat and the will to create something, you should take and go off you. We selected the 10 best fitness exercises for the abdomen compiled and summarized in this list. As always, our selection is to be carried out particularly useful at home. Have fun sweating 🙂

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A well-trained belly is not just your looks to good, he is essentially important for healthy sitting and posture. So you can you train the abdominal muscles to motivate the same with two good reasons.

What you need is a good abdominal muscle training at home in most cases only a mat.In a few exercises recommended but in addition the use of a bench. These exercises, we have specially marked and listed at the end of the list.

Long story short: Here are the 5 most popular exercises for the abdomen.

1. Crunch – The Crunch is one of the most popular exercises for the abdomen. Which we have already shown earlier surveys on the subject. On the subject of effectiveness can be said that the crunch has definitely earned his first place. The crunch can be done in very many variations, even at home.

2. stretch to the toes – This popular fitness exercise is a variation of the abdominal muscles. The technique is however better for at home because you need as opposed to the abdominal pressure, no additional tools. They are, in my opinion also particularly good for women because it is very easy to perform and still have a reasonable efficiency of assigning.

3.Sit ups – you may be missing in any case in our top 5 list. Here again are also many variations possible and appropriate.

4.Hftheben – Also highly recommended is the Hip-Up. You need here only a mat and a cabinet which is heavy enough to be able to hold on to barely be on him in the exercise.

5.Beinheben – leg lifts, there are already some other exercises like this in different variations. One could do with the self at a very good experience I have learned to know the Jew and is extremely easy to implement: simply lay flat on his back and stretched out both legs, hover six inches above the ground. This position you hold at least for 70 seconds. Make sure that the implementation of the exercise will be no hollow back.

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Note: Pay particular attention to the proper conduct of the exercises. If back pain occurs, which is often the result of incorrect training. Who has never seen the above exercises should be of a competent friend or a personal trainer, how to perform the exercises correctly. One side, we’re here to recommend. There are instructions in the form of animated graphics that show the movement of the most popular fitness exercises for the abdomen. Fitness-XL visit.

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