A Brief Discussion About Magazine Subscription Offers

Hello readers, how are you all? Today I shall be sharing with you the advantages of availing magazine subscription offers on an annual basis or even may be for a half yearly basis.
Ok, but what actually are these magazine subscription offers?
Availing magazine subscription offers lets you avail monthly issues or weekly issues of some magazines for a certain period of time at a discounted rate on the cost price of the issues.
For example: Suppose you want to avail the subscription offer for the Forbes Magazine on an annual basis. Let us assume the cost price of each issue of a Forbes magazine is $ 2. So annual subscription means you will be getting twenty four issues of the Forbes magazine since the magazine gets published on bi-weekly basis, i.e. two issues a month. And the cost price if you calculate 24 multiplied by $ 2, it becomes $ 48 annual payment. But there is the advantage that magazine subscription offers for. $ 48 may be the cost of 24 issues, but availing subscription offers let you become good gainer by giving away attractive discount schemes on the total annual cost price. Say for example, $ 48 can be reduced to $ 40 or even $ 35, which in itself is a good bargain. Moreover, the schemes for giving away some months of free issues also are much prevalent while availing these offers.
Moreover, various schemes related to magazine subscription offers even give away attractive gifts and prizes to subscribers those who like to subscribe the magazine for a quite long term basis.
The only difficulty that you may face is that you need to give away the money full at a time as per their subscription rates is concerned. Sometimes some publishing houses offers for instalment facilities if the subscription offer is availed for a relatively long period of time. Mostly instalment facilities of 2 to 3 payment breakdowns are offered. This facility varies from publishers to publishers.
Other than this there are lot of advantages to avail these magazine subscription offers if you are an ardent fan of some specific magazine. A big advantage is that you dont have to rush to the local magazine corners to get the latest issues of the magazines. Moreover, sometimes a little bit of mistiming to reach the strands may make you miss the issues. Also you will not get any discount on the issue prices. And finally you need to go out from your house and hurry towards the books stalls to collect your issue.
These will not be the cases with availing the Magazine subscription cheap . If you avail these offers, then you need not worry about missing any particular issues of the magazine. Moreover, the issues will be supplied directly to your home at your doorsteps without any additional costs. This will save a lot of your valuable time and energy.

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