Oxygen Facials

One of the most interesting facials to join the spa circuit is probably the oxygen facial.  There’s nothing new about the body’s need for oxygen.  It helps the skin breath, the blood flow and improves colour, circulation and the body’s natural ability to expel toxins and rejuvenate itself.

The development of facial systems that utilize oxygen to replenish and nourish the skin, is a brilliant way to keep the face looking young, clear and healthy, without the need of harsh chemicals.

Oxygen facials are performed commonly at higher end spas and salons.  The process is actually a little more than just the oxygen as a complete facial is usually performed.  

Initially, the pores of the skin are opened using a steam solution. This allows the facial to fully penetrate the skin and remove any impurities.  Next, a nourishing serum containing glucose, magnesium and potassium is applied to the skin’s surface.  Once the serum is applied, a facial mask is placed over the skin, and the skin is then diffused with hydrated oxygen.  This adds moisture balance and protection for the skin, while allowing the serum to penetrate pores and deeply cleanse the core of the skin.

Once the initial oxygenation is completed, the next phase of the facial involves exfoliating away the dead cells and debris with nourishing and vitamin enriched cleansers. This is then followed by another serum that promotes anti-oxidizing.  Depending on the type of treatment you request, the oxygenation process may be repeated and further serums applied to close pores and moisturize the skin.

Oxygen facials offer the unique ability to deeply cleanse and rejuvenate the face, using one of the key elements our face and body need for proper skin regeneration.  Not only that, but it’s very gentle and effective and greatly reduces the effects of aging.  

While this type of facial can’t actually make you younger, it certainly can firm up sagging skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  The treatment will freshen and brighten your face, leaving it glowing and radiant.  It also helps the natural detoxification process by allowing pores to breath, thanks to the deep cleansing and exfoliation process that can only come from an oxygen facial.

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