Why Women Must Include Weight Training to Lose Fat

Most people forget to include weight training to lose fat in their daily workout regime. This is the main reason as to why they take a longer time to burn fat than those that use weights regularly. Also, cardio workout is mostly to make you burn calories fast and get rid of the water retention in your body. This does nothing to your muscle fat which is a major factor in your weight and body proportion.

When fat collects in your body for a long period of time it turns into flab muscle which cannot be burned with cardio exercises. If you are a woman, and you are starting to include weight training to lose fat then you will see the difference in the result within a few short weeks. Weight training tones the flab in women from all parts of their body. You will find your clothes fitting better, and you will start looking fitter after it.

Here are some of the simple weight training activities that you can include in your daily workout regime for now:

All you need is a pair of dumbbells for your weight training workout. The first exercise requires you to hold each dumbbell in both hands, point your elbows out of your, and simply pull in and push out your arms. You can do this by lying on your back on a mat and raising and lowering your arms in the air, or you can do this standing and pull your fists holding the dumbbells up to your chest and down, pointing your elbows down.

Do this thirty times a day in the beginning. Give yourself a short break between every ten rounds. Increase the number after 14 days, once your body is used to this tension. You can achieve flatter abs with the help of dumbbells as well.

Instead of doing free hand ab crunches you should hold one dumbbell with both hands and tuck it close to your chest. Lie on your back with your legs up in an angle of 45 degrees. Now try doing the sit ups. The weight in your hands will build extra tension on your body while pulling yourself up and you will feel this instantly. Rest after ten sit ups and then do another two rounds of it. Increase this number after 14 days as well.

In order to concentrate on one arm each, you should rest your knee and arm against a bench while lying down, and pick up the dumbbell with the other hand and back down. Repeat with the opposite hand as well.

Never depend only on weight training to lose fat. To gain a fit body you should give equal importance to your daily food intake. Keep generous portions of all nutrients in your meals and eat many small meals in a day to keep the metabolism working continuously. This way you won’t feel hungry or tired. Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast. And keep away from oily, calorie-rich poor in nutrition food. Include vegetables, fruits, shakes and lean meats instead.

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