Some good choices for women in Weight Training Workouts

Male usually do traditionally weight training but pumping iron is no longer just for the guys. A woman can do the same exercises; even do better than a man. However, because of the different composition, women should choose the exercises carefully.

Women should never feel limited by their gender but they must learn about their bodies and know which exercises give them the best benefits and results, quickly and safely.

Weight Training Workouts for Women:


1. Pressing Exercise: This exercise focuses on the woman’s upper body. Layback on a bench slightly inclined with a pair of dumbbells held at the side of your chest. Slowly move the dumbbells up to the point where they are touching each other at the top. Then drop the weights back to where you started on the sides of your chest and repeat. Start with something you can press for at least eight repetitions. While you are resting, stretch your chest, shoulders, and arms for about a minute in between sets. Try to perform at least four sets with the same amount of weights.

2. Leg Exercises: Women should definitely make squats a part of their workout. Load the bar with enough weights so you can perform at least 15 reps. Try to accomplish four sets of squats and just like the pressing exercise, stretch and rest for 1 minute in between sets.

3. Back Exercises: Another weight training exercise for women are back exercises. Head over to the pull down machine and grip the bar. Now place your legs under the pad when you sit down. Pull your elbows down and back, then push your chest out until your chest reaches the bar. Hold that position for a second and return to the position you started in. Try performing about 12 reps using a lightweight for warm up. Stretch and rest for 1 minute and then increase the weight high enough to where you can perform 15 reps. Complete 4 sets of these 15 reps within a minute and make sure you stretch and rest in between each one.


Weight Training Workouts For Women is the easiest way to improve your female shape. These exercises will help you to Gain Strength plus a Lean and Toned Body. If your looking for more exercises to add to your Workout—–> Click Here.

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