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New Year is the time when we can forget all our past indiscretions and indulgences and look forward to the year ahead and the person we want to be. People often resolute to become fit and healthy at this time of year but with the indulgence of Christmas following us around it won’t happen without some strict perseverance and a lot of will power. Nowadays, with the help of a multiple array of work out equipment, there really is no excuse to leave it till next year.

If you want to work out but don’t want to hit the gym there are a number of ways you can exercise in the comfort of your own home. Two of the most popular ways to get fit and healthy without leaving your house ironically both involve watching the TV: the Wii and the traditional fitness videos. Which is better? Which will help motivate you after your initial push is over?

Fitness videos are a popular way to get healthy whilst eliminating the need to leave your living room to visit an expensive and intimidating gym. These videos revolutionised the way we work out and with a huge selection of videos ranging from martial arts to yoga there was always guaranteed to be something for everyone. The Wii on the other hand is a fairly new invention that is all about fun and enjoyment. It can also be a fantastic tool to help you on your way to a healthy body and mind.

The main trouble with fitness videos is their repetitive nature. You only get the choice of one or two workouts which feature the same enthusiastic celebrity bouncing around on their perfectly toned thighs. With the Wii you can do a multitude of activities with a wide range of exercise programs, all nicely accompanied by a friendly animated character of your choice.

With new technology the Wii enables users to interact with their workout, something a video just can’t do. Users can check their vitals, calorie count, speed and fitness level all by the press of a button. This technology can help to keep you focused and encouraged as you can see your improvements regularly and can set yourself goals. Nowadays you can buy all sorts of gizmos and gadgets to make your Wii fit plusworkout cater to your every need.

So the humble video workout seems to be on the way out only to be replaced by your own personal fitness trainer, the Wii. Whether it’s fun games with family or a high intensity step class, the Wii covers everything. So, no matter what your fitness levels are, with the Wii, there is no excuse to put your exercise plan off any longer.

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